How Do You Get the Best Rosin Press?

Reading time - 6 minutes - May 12, 2020

There’s a new way to extract concentrate now, and it’s taking the market by storm, so we’re going to dive into how to get the best rosin press. It’s not really that hard to understand, and the principles that come with it are very simple. Before we get into the specific brands and types of rosin press machines, let’s first understand how it works.

We can have for you here a small primer on the rosin pressing hype and give you a quick idea of what makes it so special and let’s also find out how you can get the best rosin press in the UK.

What Does it Take to Get the Best Rosin Press?

getting the best rosin press may take some thought, but the process of rosin extraction itself is pretty straightforward: you have your press with your variables being the pressure, heat, and time. It’s popular right now because it produces such a pure and potent product that doesn’t stray too far from the strain used in the process. What’s better is that the ROI is very apparent, making it ideal for personal use.

As it is with anything, there are certain rules-of-thumb to follow in extracting from a rosin press.

best rosin press

Guidelines For Using the Best Rosin Press

For the starting material, you must opt for cannabis flowers (high quality, low yield) that are frosty on the inside when you break the bud in the middle are the best to use. Also, go for small nugs because they offer more surface area for the rosin to travel as you press it. For hash or kief, do know that these also work but offer lower, although higher yield.

If you take into consideration the temperature, we split high and low at 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do the pressing with the heat plates at a low temperature, you opt to get less yield with more flavour, having it become more stable. On the other hand, taking the heating plates to high temperatures will give you more yield and less flavour but a less stable product.

For pressure, do know that you really don’t need really high psi to get higher yields for rosin pressing may it be that you use a hydraulic rosin press or a pneumatic rosin press. When you go for higher pressure, some undesirable substances tend to come out of the buds instead, which tampers with the quality of the rosin you extract.

For time, a standard maximum for having the buds on the press plate would be a good minute. But to get the maximum quality, opt for a low-temperature pressing (below 200 degrees Fahrenheit) that goes for about 30 to 40 seconds.

What Should You Consider When Getting The Best Rosin Press?

There are a lot of different DIY rosin presses in the market right now with different mechanisms to give you your best rosin press extract. There are hydraulic presses, heat plate kits, manual presses, variable-hydraulic presses, electric presses, and pneumatic presses. It really depends on the consumer’s subjective point of view in which you’ll take. Keep in mind the type of usage you’ll subject it to, the space available in where you’ll store it, and most importantly if you’re open for the press to have extra paraphernalia as needed.

A Short Guide on the Different Types of Rosin Presses

Here are some aspects to consider when looking at how to get the best rosin press for your needs.

DIY Heat Plates

This option is best if you excelled in crafting class back in school. You control all the variables in making the press. You get yourself a hydraulic press (10 or 20 ton), some heating plates, and digital time and temperature controllers. You rig them all up together and you get yourself your own handy hydraulic rosin press. To add, this will usually cost you less, too!

Manual Rosin Press

Some things are always better when you worked hard for them. In this instance, you rely on your own power as a press machine to extract a high-quality product. These presses require a little more elbow grease to work with it, but the results are worth it. It’s a good entry material into the whole rosin press shindig.

Hydraulic Rosin Press

These are usually either hand-pumped or with a variable set-up that makes use of an external pump that’s either a pneumatic or electric foot pump. It’s also a common entry-level press in the rosin scene, making use of hydraulic pressure to give you your desired product. Of course, the hand-cranked version would be cheaper than the variable, so better take note of that.

Pneumatic Rosin Press

This one makes use of air to give you your desired product. In just the push of a button, you are able to control the pressure (that increases in quantized increments) that you’re applying to your buds. The only downside to this type of press is how loud they can get because they need an external air compressor to function. Aside from that, it’s good for a commercial-level of production, as it’s known to be very sturdy, consistent, and accurate with the finished product it gives off.

Electric Rosin Press

It’s the fanciest looking one of the bunch that looks like as if it came straight out of the future. It’s a relatively new technology for rosin presses but has certainly amassed traction and popularity among the consumers. It doesn’t need anything but electricity to function, so say goodbye to the loud noises made by your external pumps or air compressors. It’s a good choice also if you want to take it to a commercial scale, as it’s known to run for around 8 hours straight without showing any signs or symptoms of impending problems. It’s also small, compact, and super portable. It’s a good choice if you’re looking to be very discreet, but you probably should be a bit loaded to be able to afford it.

I know it’s just a short summary of this huge world of rosins and how to get the best rosin press, but I bet I got you convinced. It’s a healthier way to extract high-grade rosin concentrate without bringing you all that hassle of many apparatuses. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one now! Check out the Nectar rosin press machine – it’s solvent-less rosin-pressing and easy to get the hang of.

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