The History of Moroccan Hash

Reading time - 6 minutes - September 1, 2021

“Is it the greatest and oldest cannabis substance to ever exist?”

A wise man once said: “A page of history is worth a pound of logic.” Well, today we’re going to be giving you at least three pounds worth of logic, completely on the house. You can thank us later. 

Moroccan hash has a lustrous history. In fact, since its discovery, it has found itself in many countries over centuries and is now considered to be one of the greatest substances within the cannabis industry. However, the real question is: what is hash? And what’s so great specifically about Moroccan hash? And is it as ancient as everyone thinks? Well, today we’re going to be delving into the beautiful aromatic world of Moroccan hash. If you’ve encountered hashish before then you’ll know what a great substance it is, if you haven’t, then read on and say hello to hash for the first time. 

What is Hash?

Hash is technically part of the cannabis concentrate family. Cannabis concentrates are a concentrated mass of trichomes, which are the purest part of the marijuana plant. When cannabis concentrates are made, they are designed to be more potent than usual cannabis buds. Therefore, hash can contain anywhere from 20-60% THC. The usual cannabis bud contains around 15-20% THC. Therefore, hash is something to be used with respect. Hash is usually brown in colour and comes in soft or hard blocks. The harder the block, the more time you’ll need to spend melting it into a small enough substance in order to consume it. Hashish – or hash for short – is usually smoked in a joint and can now vaped in a dry herb vaporizer compatible wish hashish, also known as a hash vape. The fact that hash contains this amount of THC means it is illegal in the majority of countries around the world.  

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How is Hash Made?

All cannabis concentrates, be it shatter, wax or hash – including their CBD counterparts such as CBD wax are all made in slightly different ways. However, hash is a little less scientific than some of the others. In fact, hash is the oldest and most ‘natural’ cannabis concentrate. It’s made by gently rubbing the dried cannabis plant over a fine mesh. This sieve filters through the small trichomes, which separates them from the rest of the plant. These are then heated and pressed together in order to create a block of hash. Although hash usually has a high percentage of THC, it’s often a lot less ‘skunky’ as it hasn’t been messed with in order to give it a stronger high. The high it has is pure, rather than modified. 

What is Moroccan Hash?

There are many types of hash from all over the world: Afghanistan, Manali and Nepal are some key examples. However, the most famous and well-known is Moroccan hash. Let’s take a look at what this substance is. 

Moroccan hash is loved and adored around the world, especially Europe. In fact, Morocco has been coined the mecca of hashish due to the fact it is the largest producer of hash in North Africa. Moroccan hash is the most common and loved in Europe because it gives a very chill and gentle high. In comparison with other types of hashish, Moroccan hash is great for any occasion and doesn’t intend to knock the user out. The colour is usually greeny brown, and the smell has aromatic tones and is slightly spicy. Unlike some softer blocked hash, Moroccan is usually given in a hard block. This makes it harder to break down, but means the flavour is packed in tighter. 

Is Cannabis Legal in Morocco?

The high percentages of THC inside Moroccan hash means that most nations have deemed it illegal. Due to the ‘high’ effects of THC, the majority of governments believe that the use of hash is solely recreational and thus cannot be seen as lawful. 

However, the truth is, Morocco is the biggest producer of hashish in North Africa; despite the fact it is an illegal substance. Morocco has around 220,000 acres of marijuana ready to be cultivated. Furthermore, whilst it may be illegal, the count seems to allow for cannabis use if it’s under the noses of officials. They are aware that cannabis is a huge tourist attraction and so don’t spend too much time trying to tackle travellers or locals using it; as long as it is not excessive.

But, in 2021, a legal shift came that changed the cannabis situation in the country. In the House of Representatives in Morocco: 119, against 48, voted in favour of medical cannabis legalization. This means that cannabis can now be used in ‘medicine, cosmetics and even for industrial purposes’. However, the recreational use of marijuana still remains very much illegal. Therefore, whether Morrocan hash will be anything more than a dark web product remains to be seen. However, it seems evident that the country is taking steps in the right direction and championing their own great ability to create hashish. 

The History Behind Moroccan Hash

The history of Moroccan hash is a long one. However, it’s perhaps not as long as you may think. Hash has existed for centuries, and was first derived in the Middle East and Central Asia, but research suggests that Morrocan hash was founded in the 20th century. 

With Lebanon and Afghanistan being the creators of the hash making technique, it wasn’t until the western travellers from the ‘hippy hashish trail’ passed their knowledge of hash making to the world of North Africa that Moroccan hash began. It was then that they became aware of the unique sieving technique, which revolutionised their cannabis industry and eventually led them to becoming the most popular hash creators, and biggest exporter to Europe. Due to the extremely dry weather conditions in Morocco, they championed the hash technique as it didn’t require the level of rain that cannabis plants and cannabis buds need. 

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The History of Moroccan Cannabis 

However, whilst the hash history in Morocco may be younger than expected, the cannabis origin story stretches much farther. Cannabis cultivation in Morocco may have started as early as the Arab Invasion between the years of 665 and 689. It was this bombardment of cultures that led to the discovery of Arabian cannabis.

Why is Moroccan Hash so Popular?

For those of you who have never heard of it, let alone tried it, you may be wondering: what’s all the fuss about Moroccan hash? Well, the truth is, Moroccan hash has stood the test of time as Europe’s main source of hashish for a long long time. This means that the people themselves have decided that this type of hash is the correct flavour and intensity for them. Ultimately, as everyone knows, it’s really the people who control the cannabis industry, not the government. 

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