What Does Full Spectrum CBD Mean? 

Reading time - 8 minutes - March 16, 2022

Heard of Full Spectrum CBD? Not sure what it means? Then keep on reading because in this article we will be discussing what full spectrum CBD is, what it means and what other kinds of CBD there are. To start off, full spectrum CBD is a type of CBD; there are 3 types of cannabidiol (CBD). There’s CBD isolate; which is the pure form of CBD. As well as full-spectrum CBD; which is an extract containing other compounds of the weed plant, such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. The last type is broad spectrum CBD, which we will go into more detail on in a moment as well as the others.

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Full Spectrum CBD

What is it?

Since this article is about full spectrum CBD it’s only right we start off with it first. Full spectrum CBD is one of the types of CBD that contains all beneficial compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant. Such as:

What are the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD?

As with most things, full spectrum CBD comes with benefits. Full-spectrum CBD has a few benefits over broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. 

Health benefits

There are many potential positive health effects of it, such as:

To reinforce some of those points, a study from 2018 suggests that flavonoids and terpenes in CBD may also provide anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. Another 2018 study states that full-spectrum CBD is more effective than CBD isolate for pain because of the combined effects of THC and CBD. Full spectrum CBD is also less processed than CBD isolate.

The entourage effect

Some research states that CBD can be beneficial on its own, however other research suggests that CBD’s therapeutic effects are more prominent when combined with other compounds, such as flavonoids, terpenes and less well-known cannabinoids. Just like full spectrum CBD. This theory is known as the entourage effect.

It’s widely available

Full-spectrum CBD is popular with many people. It’s relatively easy to find topicals, sublinguals, edibles and pills or capsules of this form online and in some shops. CBD is growing in popularity and because of this, CBD products are becoming more widely available, particularly full spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate

CBD Isolate

What is it?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a form of CBD. The main difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD products, is that CBD isolate does not contain any THC. It is probably the most basic form of CBD. It contains exactly what it’s name suggests, nothing but isolated CBD. This means that there are no other cannabinoids, flavonoids or terpenes. 

CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD and comes in the form of a crystalline powder. It’s derived from the hemp plant, however all other plant matter from the hemp plant is removed. Such as the oils, waxes, other phytocannabinoids (like THC), chlorophyll, and more. Leaving you with a crystalline powder.However, you can also get it in other forms like liquid etc.

What are the benefits of CBD Isolate?

Although CBD isolate contains quite a few benefits too, they are different to full spectrum CBDs. Some benefits of CBD isolate aren’t always as effective as full spectrum CBD as it doesn’t contain THC.

CBD isolate contains no THC

Even though the combined effects of THC and CBD are said to be more effective, some see the lack of THC in CBD Isolate as a benefit. It’s actually mainly this reason why CBD isolate has become so popular. 

It has beneficial effects on the body

Studies have shown that CBD works by acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system. The main objective of this system is to maintain homeostasis and to help the body adapt to external stressors.

It’s easy to figure out the CBD isolate dosage

Depending on your body weight and unique needs, dosage amounts can vary. However, experts recommend starting with a low dose of CBD Isolate (10mg or less). They also suggest using CBD isolate at a low dosage for around three days and seeing how it affects you.

It’s pretty easy to calculate the dosage levels. Just use a household scale – as it is separated from other compounds, when you measure the dosage in milligrams it gives you the exact amount of CBD you need, just check the instructions on the packaging.

It’s cheaper

CBD isolate is significantly less expensive than other forms of commercial cannabinoids, such as CBD tinctures or CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum CBD

What is it?

It contains various compounds and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, including cannabinol, CBC (cannabichromene) and terpenes, such as limonene, myrcene or pinene. Broad spectrum CBD usually contains no THC. However, some products do contain traces of it.

Broad spectrum CBD is somewhere between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. It contains multiple compounds, but doesn’t typically contain THC, whereas full spectrum CBD does.

So to simplify it, broad spectrum CBD is almost like full spectrum CBD, just without the THC.

What are the benefits of broad spectrum CBD?

This type of CBD contains various compounds that may provide additional health benefits to you when compared with CBD isolate. 

Health Benefits

Broad spectrum CBD can provide positive health effects such as:

The entourage effect

Similarly to full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD may also have some additional health benefits due to the resulting entourage effect. As mentioned earlier, some research states that CBD can be beneficial on its own, however other research suggests that CBD’s therapeutic effects are more prominent when combined with other compounds, such as flavonoids, terpenes and less well-known cannabinoids. 

Just like full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD. This theory is known as the entourage effect. The entourage effect which is caused by these compounds working together may result in the product producing beneficial health effects.

Which One Works Best for me?

If you are looking to use CBD products and aren’t sure where to start, then hopefully this article has helped. However, if you are still unsure then perhaps this will help to break it down for you:

Most Effective (all round) – Full Spectrum CBD

The reason we are listing this as the most effective is because if you include everything, this one is more efficient in helping with more issues and can be taken using tinctures. The positive effects of this type of CBD helps more all over than the others. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t exclude any other compounds. It also doesn’t always exclude THC which can be what makes it more effective for some people.

In Second Place – Broad Spectrum CBD

This one here is second as it has almost all the positive health effects as full spectrum CBD. It just isn’t as effective, but that’s not to say that it isn’t! Some people actually prefer it to full spectrum CBD as it doesn’t contain any THC and that is very important for particular individuals. The reason why it isn’t as effective is because some research shows that the combination of CBD and THC can produce more prominent positive effects. Broad Spectrum CBD can be taken in many forms one being by vaping CBD oil.

Last But Certainly Not Least – CBD Isolate

Now, many people are most likely disagreeing with the position that CBD isolate is in, and I agree. Just because it doesn’t contain all the other compounds or THC it doesn’t mean that it isn’t as good of a substance. Especially considering that it is often cheaper than other forms of CBD, it means it is more affordable and in a sense widely available to those who need it. However, this ranking is based purely on how widely the substance can treat health issues or complications. Check out our high purity CBD Isolate here.


To sum up this article, full spectrum CBD is a very effective form of CBD that is commonly used to treat and assist health issues. Thanks to its wide variety of compounds and the fact that it can contain THC makes it a very effective substance. It has many benefits and is widely available which can make it a go to substance for those who require it. 

However, if you are looking for the benefits of full spectrum CBD and want to ensure there is no THC involved, then we suggest you try broad spectrum CBD instead as it has all the compounds with zero THC. 

If you want to be really precise and accurate with you CBD dosing and only really care about getting the CBD then CBD isolate is the one for you. This form of CBD makes it much easier to control dosage as it is purely CBD, there are no other compounds or THC included. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it helped to answer some of your questions. If you’re interested in trying out CBD in other forms then perhaps you’d like to check out some of the benefits of CBD gummies.

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