How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed

Reading time - 10 minutes - March 10, 2021

One of the greatest phrases ever spoken was: ‘everything in moderation’. This phrase is true in most areas of life and can often be used when dealing with habits you may have. Obviously, everyone is different, and all habits are different (some definitely more severe), so this can vary. But as gentle push in the right direction, the everything in moderation way of living is a great start. Too many sweets everyday? Try them in moderation. Too many episodes of Friends? Try them in moderation. Consuming too much weed? Try it in moderation. In fact, more specifically, try to cut down on smoking weed. But the big question is, how do you start? In this article we’re going to look at what cannabis dose control is, why it’s important, why it exists, and delve into the top tips of how to do it. During a pandemic that is keeping lots of people stuck indoors, this article may be more important than ever. As always, strap yourselves in. But not too tight…try it in moderation. Let’s go.

How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed using Cannabis Dose Control

As always, here at Nectar we love to define terms before we delve into what they can do for you. Today is no different. Cannabis dose control does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the act of controlling and cutting down on how much cannabis you consume; In this case through smoking it, rather than edibles or using a dry herb vaporizer. It’s all about becoming aware of your own habits so that they don’t start affecting your life in negative ways. As previously stated… everything in moderation!

Why Is It Important to Cut Down on Smoking Weed?

Relationships are like sailing in the sea. Sometimes the sun is out and everyones having a great time. Whilst other times, there’s a storm brewing and everyone’s pretty miserable. This is much the same with people’s relationships with cannabis. Whilst it’s important to cut down on smoking weed, it’s important not to forget that cannabis can assist with many parts of life. Can you use weed for creativity? Hell yes. It can be utilised for creativity and it can help with mental health issues like anxiety and sleep deprivation. However, of course, there are downsides to marijuana. Cannabis may be less addictive than nicotine and alcohol, but it’s still important to control your dosage if you feel it is having a negative impact on you. Cannabis can cause feelings of sluggishness, depression, mood swings, and doesn’t always go hand in hand with sitting inside all day. Also, smoking weed can cause pain in the lungs and throat. Therefore if you’re feeling low, perhaps it’s time to consider cannabis dose control. Perhaps it’s time to cut down on smoking weed. You shouldn’t feel bad for admitting it to yourself. It’s similar to If you’ve had too many Tangfastic Haribos, and you’re starting to get a headache, you probably shouldn’t reach for another one. Simple as that. 

Cut Down on Smoking Weed during the Pandemic

Before Covid began last year, the idea of being stuck inside for long periods of time may have felt like a relief, not a curse. However, now we’re nearing a year since the beginning of the pandemic, with three lockdowns, all anyone wants is to get outside and see the world again. The pandemic has hit everyone very differently. One thing is for certain, the many lockdowns that have occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge spike in mental health issues due to Covid. Not to sound like a politician but… ‘these are unprecedented times’. Therefore, if you’re feeling low due to marijuana consumption, it has never been a more important time to cut down on smoking weed. A healthy relationship with your weed is key, just as your relationship with television is key. Staying indoors more than usual does mean that unhealthy habits should be watched just that little bit more closely. That’s why we’re going to take you through some top tips on how to best enact cannabis dose control. Remember: cannabis dose control and cutting down on weed doesn’t need to be seen as a serious act; you’re simply trying your weed in moderation, just like so many other aspects of life.

cut down on smoking weed

Top Tips for How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed 

If you’re interested in giving cannabis dose control a go, or if you think it would be the right thing for you, then take a look at these top tips. Choose the ones that work for you and run with them. Whether you smoke 1 joint a day, or 100, how to cut down on smoking weed will be different for everyone. 

How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed Tip 1: Figure Out the Right Amount. 

First things first, let’s see what we’re aiming for here. Whenever trying something in moderation it’s important to know what ‘moderation’ means to you. This will vary from person to person. One person might find that 1 gram a week is enough for them. Whilst others might decide that more or less is right for them. Some people have a big metal herb grinder for their dose, whilst others have a little mini herb grinder for their dose. Ultimately, we’re all different. 

In order to figure out what the right amount is for you, you need to ask yourself an honest question: at what point do you start to feel like the positives are outweighed by the negatives? In other words, when does that one hit take you over the edge? This isn’t the easiest question to answer but if you stay aware of your body whilst consuming your cannabis you should realise the moment that it starts to get a bit pear shaped. Let’s use an example. A man, let’s call him Joe Bloggs, realises that it’s usually his third joint of the day that moves him into a less creative and more paranoid mental state. That would mean Joe Bloggs should cut down on smoking weed to only 2 joints. Now try and figure out how you should cut down on smoking weed.

How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed Tip 2: Hobbies & Routines.

Now it’s time to fill up your day with new, exciting and healthy habits that can take your mind away from needing that extra big of weed that usually triggers a worse headspace. If you know that you usually enjoy marijuana in the morning, then why not take up a new hobby to replace it. Exercising early in the day is a great way to feel refreshed and energised for the rest of the day. Try going for a run, following a free youtube yoga class, or doing some sort of exercise routine. It’s a habit that takes persistence, but you’ll love yourself for it. Exercise is a key way to flip your mindset into a positive one. Sometimes the difference you feel after working out is so extreme that you almost can’t believe it possible. 

What if you enjoy weed in the evening? Well, the point still stands regarding exercise. However, perhaps what you like about evening smoking is how it puts you in the right headspace to sleep. In that case, why not try reading? Reading a chapter or two a night is a great way to put your mind to sleep. Looking at screens can confuse your brain and make it work overtime, whereas reading is a great way to calm yourself into a sleep (sort of similar to a joint, no?). 

Healthy routines and habits are a great way to help you cut down on smoking weed and begin cannabis dose control. 

How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed Tip 3: Tell People

The next step on your how to cut down on smoking weed journey is to tell your mates about it. The problem with trying anything in moderation is doing it alone. It’s hard to moderate anything when your entire life revolves around doing that thing. For example, let’s imagine our lovely Joe Bloggs again. If he decides to moderate his cannabis control, but his mate always comes over to smoke a joint and watch a film, it would be hard for him to moderate it. It’s too much temptation. But if Joe Bloggs makes his friend aware that he’s trying cannabis dose control, then his friend would hopefully ease off with the tempting. 

By telling your friends and family about what you’re trying to do, they’ll also be able to help you. It’s like telling your house mates that you’ve decided to become vegetarian, hopefully they’ll substitute some beef burgers out for some veggie burgers. In conclusion, don’t cannabis dose control alone. Tell people. It’ll help more than you think. 

How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed Tip 4: Be Kind to Yourself

The next step, and perhaps the most important in how to cut down on smoking weed, is to be kind to yourself. There’s a reason trying something in moderation is hard, and that’s because.. It is hard! Shaking off a habit is not an easy thing to do because both your mind and body are used to it. Therefore, be kind to yourself. Go easy on yourself. You might make mistakes, you might slip up, you might go against the rules you set yourself. That’s okay. It happens. Don’t allow it to stop your journey towards cannabis dose control. 

Deciding to try to cut down on smoking weed is a huge step and you should pat yourself on the back for it. If you slip up, that’s part of the journey. When you feel self-critical, take a breath, and realise that it’s all part of it. 

Bonus – How to Cut Down on Smoking Weed Tip: Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer   

Here’s an extra tip for you on your how to cut down on smoking weed journey. If you’re used to smoking weed then perhaps it’s time to try out a dry herb vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers are portable vapes that heat up the dry herb and create a vapour which you can inhale. They don’t require tobacco, only cannabis. This allows you to be very specific with the amount you put in. It also makes the hit extra intense, and increases the flavours. It could be the next step for you in your cannabis dose control journey. It means you won’t need to take a hit of someone else’s joint. You can stick to your dry herb vaporizer and know exactly how much cannabis you are intaking. Furthermore, dry herb vaporizers are a lot healthier for you than smoking. The heat of a dry herb vaporizer never reaches the 900 degree levels of a joint, meaning you won’t get the same pain in the throat. That is because dry herb vaporizers avoid combustion, which is the process that causes many cancerous carcinogens in smoking. Here at Nectar we have a wide range of dry herb vaporizers. Why not take a look?

cut down on smoking weed

Why Not Cut Down on Smoking Weed ?

At the end of the day, only you and you alone understand your relationship with smoking weed. Some people find weed to assist them in their everyday lives, whilst others wake up with a headache and anxiety and ask themselves: “are weed hangovers real? Because I feel horrible right now”. But, either way, hopefully you can take something away from our top tips for how to cut down on smoking weed. Hopefully you can use them in your journey to controlling your weed intake. Remember, it doesn’t need to feel like the most serious thing in the world, it can just be your small way of moving towards a more positive lifestyle.

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