Can you Vape Weed?

Reading time - 7 minutes - January 19, 2022

The vaporizer is a device of the future. What once was a world of lit joints and cigarettes, has now become a world of charged, flashing vapes, and clouds of vapor. E-cigarettes gained confidence first, and now everyone knows it’s possible to vape nicotine. However, can you actually vape weed? The answer is 100% yes. But today we’ll be delving into how you can do it, how it works, and which devices you need to look out for. In addition, we’ll be touching on the legality of vaping weed. Vaping weed is an exciting phenomenon, and one worth knowing about. Let’s go. 

What is Vaping?

Vaping is potentially the biggest thing to happen to the smoking industry since…smoking. But first of all, what even is it? Well, vaping is the inhaling of vapor, which is created by an electrical device containing nicotine, cannabis or many other substances. Since the 2000s, vaping weed has become very popular. But how does it work and what does the device do? There are many types of vaporizers in the world, however they all work in roughly the same way. Here are the main parts of a vaporizer.


The battery is what powers the device and allows it to heat the substance, turning it into vapor. Batteries in vaporizers are rechargeable, which is one of the huge benefits of vaping over smoking. You can’t recharge a cigarette or a joint, but you can recharge a vape. The usual life for a vaporizer before needing to be re-charged is around 1 to 2 days, but it depends on how long your sessions are. If you want to know more about vape battery life, click here.


The next step in the process is heating. The difference between vaping and smoking is that one is a lot hotter than the other, and it’s this heat that causes a lot of the problems that smoking is known for. When a cigarette is lit, it’s heated at around 900 degrees. This is called combustion, and combustion occurs whenever anything is heated at over 240 degrees. This process is dangerous and causes harmful toxins and cancerous carcinogens to enter the body. However, vaporizers heat at around 180 to 220 degrees, which means they never cause combustion to occur. Instead, the substance is heated and turned into vapor; nothing is burnt or set alight. Some vaporizers allow you to put liquid cannabis or e-liquid in, whilst others allow you to place dry weed or tobacco directly in the chamber.


Lastly, you have the inhalation part. Much like a joint or a cigarette, inhalation happens once the substance is heated. All vaporizers allow you to inhale from a mouthpiece. These come in various shapes and sizes and are placed in varying parts of the vape. Some are attached to the liquid cartridges and some are attached to the vape device. Some vapes have ceramic mouthpieces, whilst others are made out of glass. As vaporizers are used again and again, it’s important to have a mouthpiece that won’t wear away due to heat and potentially release dangerous toxins if slowly degraded. 

History of Vaping Weed

Vaping weed could potentially have started as early as as 5BC with the Ancient Egyptians. Supposedly, they would heat hemp rocks on hot stones and inhale the vapor fumes as part of rituals and religious ceremonies. However, this was of course more of a natural vaporizer. Electric vaporizers really took off in the early 2000s. This was due to the tide turning away from smoking, as more people came to terms with the dangers of it. In the 1960s, smoking advertisements were banned. In 2007, smoking inside public spaces was banned. This was when the vaporizer took to the stage. But not only that, when medical cannabis was legalized in 2018, many were looking for healthy ways to consume medical weed. This was another pivotal moment for weed vaporizers. 

If you want to delve deeper into the history of the vaporizer, click here. 

Types of  Vaporizers

Now you know that you can vape weed, the question still remains: what are your options? It isn’t just as simple to say that vaping weed options are all the same. Because they are not. In fact, vaping weed is a large industry, and there are a few options for you to try. So let’s take a look. 

Dry Herb Vaporizer

The first option is the dry herb vaporizer. This device allows you to vape dry cannabis buds and dry cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates include: hash, wax, budder, rosin and many more. In fact, if you want to read our ultimate guide on cannabis concentrates, click here. As you can see, the main difference with the dry herb vaporizer is that you vape it dry. All you have to do is simply place the bud or concentrate into the chamber/ oven and allow it to turn into vapor. The air around the substance gets hotter, similar to that of an oven, and this heats up the bud without setting it alight or burning it. Dry herb vapes can quicken the process of vaping weed up, especially if you’re still wanting to use dry bud when consuming cannabis. However, if you prefer oils or cartridges, then perhaps a different vaping option is more your speed. 

510 Thread Battery

The 510 thread battery is a device that allows you to vape cannabis liquid cartridges. These include THC, CBD and even nicotine if that’s what you prefer. The cartridge is attached to the 510 thread battery, which is then heated, and vaped through the mouthpiece at the end of the cartridge. Vaping liquids can be smoother, as it’s easier to turn liquid into a vapor then a solid. However, THC cartridges are not always easy to get hold of, especially in the UK. Any substance that contains more than 0.2% THC is illegal in the UK. Whilst it’s pretty easy to find a street dealer and purchase some cannabis buds, THC cartridges are not always the easiest product to purchase. They are available online, but you will have to risk it being confiscated during the delivery process. 

Is It Legal to Vape Weed?

Recreationally, it is illegal to vape weed and consume any cannabis product that contains more than 0.2% THC. However, that does not mean the device itself is illegal. All vaporizers themselves – without THC products – are legal to purchase; even in the UK. In fact, CBD products are also legal, so you can purchase CBD cartridges for a 510 thread battery to vape. However, you cannot purchase CBD flowers as they are deemed too similar to THC buds to be legal. It makes very little sense, we know! However, if you want to know more about why CBD flowers are illegal then click here. 

However, medical cannabis is now legal in the UK and has been since 2018. Statista writes:

“In November 2018, medical cannabis was legalized in the United Kingdom, meaning cannabis can be prescribed if no other licensed medicine could be of help to the patient. The policy of cannabis legalization for medical purposes wad supported overwhelmingly by the British population as of 2020. At the current moment, GPs are not able to prescribe cannabis to patients, only a specialist doctor can do this.”

Whilst medical cannabis is not always easy to get prescribed, and the price can be expensive, if you are able to get a prescription the best way to consume cannabis is to vape it and many doctors even recommend it. This way you won’t be involved in the combustion process, which releases dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens. Combustion occurs in cigarettes and joints. PMI Science writes: 

“The high temperatures trigger the generation of more than 6000 different chemicals, many of which are harmful or potentially harmful. Public health authorities have classified several smoke constituents as the likely causes of smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema.”


Vaping weed is 100% possible and is medically preferred. You can vape weed in cartridge liquids or in dry herb form. If you’re interested in it, then try it yourself with our vast range of dry herb vapes. 

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