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Reading time - 6 minutes - April 2, 2020

The best dry herb vaporizers provide a satisfying alternative to burning/smoking hemp. While the traditional method is effective, there are some adverse effects. The experience is also different. Burning creates harmful by-products that cause irritation and inflammation to the user. Likewise, it gives off a powerful scent and flavour that takes people some time to get used to, if at all. Excessive smoking, be it hemp or tobacco, is also known to do irreversible damage to a user’s respiratory organs.

On the other hand, the majority of people who vape hemp believe that using a dry herb vaporizer is a more pleasant experience.

Is Using Hemp Vape Safe?

There are only two instances when a dry herb vaporizer becomes unsafe to use.

1) When you buy a vaporizer from a sketchy source. They may contain toxic parts or were not correctly assembled, leading to technical malfunctions.

2) And when you fill up your dry herb vaporizer with an inappropriate heating liquid. For example, motor oil is not supposed to go inside a herb vaporizer.

A dry herb vaporizer heats the product you put in (i.e. dry herbs, hemp oil, tobacco, etc). In some models, the user has the option to choose their desired temperature. The variations in temperature have an effect on the taste and scent given off. This process is automated. Once the user presses the On button, whichever active ingredient they choose immediately gets released in the mouthpiece as vapour. All the user has to do now is to inhale.

How To Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer?

The best dry herb vaporizers are easy to clean. Make it a regular habit to clean your herb vaporizer. This is to ensure that they work properly without any blockages, and also for sanitary and hygienic purposes. Cleaning a vaporizer is easy.

Disassemble your Dry Herb Vaporizer

1) Clean each part with warm water. Use a soft cloth to clean and dry each piece.
2) Use a cotton swab to reach the corners
3) Allow all the parts to air-dry before putting the Hemp Vape Pen back together.

Make sure that you only get your hemp vaporizer from reputable sources. You do not want your hemp vaporizer to stop working a week after purchase suddenly. Look for vaporizer suppliers that offer a warranty, money-back guarantee and responsive tech support, these are the best dry herb vaporizer companies.

What Strength Hemp Vape E Liquid Is Right For Me?

This depends on a number of factors. How long have you used hemp products? What are you taking hemp for? How serious is the condition? Most customers start with a weaker Vape liquid, say 600mg, before moving up to a strong hemp Vape Juice E Liquid in the 1000-15000mg range, once they feel they are comfortable to do so. Vaping hemp oils as E Liquids is only going to increase as a market, so it is best to make sure you are mindful of quality and oil types when looking to buy.

The golden rule with any kind of hemp product, including vapes, is to make sure that you start off with a dosage that you are comfortable with and increase as you get closer to the effect you desire.

Best Dry Herb Hemp Vaporizers

Nectar v2 Portable Vaporizer

Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 112 customer ratings (112 customer reviews)

Dry Herb

The Nectar v2 portable vaporizer has been designed from the ground up to offer an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience. With four improvements on the Nectar v1 dry herb vaporizer, already a vaporizer with a lot to offer, this version has continued to impress as a premium affordable vaporizer. The ceramic heating chamber has been engineered to self-regulate the temperature of your chosen herb, ensuring precise control over the extraction of your chosen herbal constituents.

Portability: 10.6cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm
Weight: 130g
0 to 120°C: 25 Seconds
Battery: 2200mAh (4V) Lithium Polymer
Charge (0-100%): 2 hours
Heating Mechanism: Ceramic Heating Chamber
Guarantee: 12-Months

Whether you’re switching from papers or another device, make the jump and improve your experience with undisputed heat technology, extended battery life, and a non-stick ceramic chamber.


Quality Materials
The ceramic oven allows for no sticky issues, no leftover residues and a smooth flavour you won’t need to get used to. The pure vapour that will stay true to you. The chamber heats through convection to a maximum temperature of 225C, avoiding all possibilities of combustion.

On The Go
With a 30 second heat-up time, you can now enjoy the Nectar v2 hemp vaporizer between journeys, on the way to work or wherever you please. Take Control…

Reliability and Practicality
Some say the bigger the better, we say what a waste of space. Nectar utilises the latest battery technology to allow for approx. 8 sessions. You also have the benefit of a foldaway mouthpiece for maximum hygiene and practicality.

Warranty: 95% of people keep their Nectar device, but just in case…
12-month limited warranty
30-day money back guarantee
24/7 customer service

Nectar Gold 2-in-1 Dry Herbs and Concentrate Vaporizer

Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 59 customer ratings (59 customer reviews)

Dry Herb

The Nectar Gold vaporizer has been designed from the ground up to offer an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience.

The tastefully crafted Rotating Replaceable Mouthpiece allows you to tuck it away keeping your vaporizer looking slick whilst maintaining a top level of hygiene. This also means you no longer need to worry about snapping or carrying a fragile mouthpiece whilst on the move.

Portability: 11cm x 3.7cm x 2.3cm
Weight: 135g
0 to 120°C: 15 Seconds
Battery: 2600mAh (4V) Lithium Polymer
Charge (0-100%): 2 hours
Heating Mechanism: Ceramic Heating Chamber
Guarantee: 12-Months

The Nectar Gold comes with everything you need to get going and comes with a standard accessories pack which includes a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit.


Take It Everywhere
Designed to be portable without needlessly screaming for attention. It’s a light and deceivingly powerful device that can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Precision at it’s Best
There’s more than one purpose hence there’s more than one temperature. Select a temperature between 140C and 240C in increments of 1C to activate itemised compounds within your chosen constituents.

Simple Yet Smart
A slick yet simple design consisting of temperature up and down buttons, you can easily choose your preferred temperature – allowing you to activate itemised compounds without releasing carcinogens.

Warranty: 95% of people keep their Nectar device, but just in case…
12-month limited warranty
30-day money back guarantee
24/7 customer service

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